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What's the difference between engraving and milling machine
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I. Distinction of Processing Range between Carving Milling Machine and Machining Center
Machining centers are unable to process small dies with small cutters, and the cost is very high. The advantage of the engraving machine is carving, if the hardness of the processing material is relatively large, it will also appear inadequate. The emergence of engraving and milling machine can be said to fill the shortcomings of both.
Machining center can realize the centralized processing of milling, drilling, boring, reaming and tapping after one clamp of workpiece. Its function emphasizes "milling". Machining center requires general speed for NC system. Spindle speed of 0-8000RPM is especially suitable for heavy cutting. Roughening center is generally used. Cantilever type, larger volume.
2. Structural differences between engraving and milling machines and machining centers
Carving and milling machines generally use gantry structure, gantry type is divided into pillar type and fixed beam type, currently carving and milling machines are mostly fixed beam type. It can be carved or milling. On the basis of the engraving machine, the power of the spindle and servo motor is increased, and the bearing capacity of the bed is maintained. At the same time, the speed of the spindle is maintained, and more importantly, the accuracy is very high. The engraving and milling machine is also developing towards high speed. It is generally called high speed machine. It has stronger cutting ability and high processing precision. It can also directly process materials with hardness above HRC60. It can be formed once and is suitable for finishing. Carving and milling machine requires high-speed CNC system, spindle speed 3000 ~ 30000 RPM.
CNC milling and processing center is used to complete the processing equipment of workpiece with large milling quantity. CNC engraving and milling machine is used to complete small milling volume, or soft metal processing equipment. High-speed cutting machine tools are used to complete medium milling quantity and to reduce the grinding quantity after milling to the lowest.

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