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How to Deal with the Ripple of NC Machine Tool
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In the actual work of the processing center, we use the lathe to process this piece. We find that in the processing, parts will appear some vibration lines. We believe that we have met all the dry machines. In addition, we often encounter the car can not have a beautiful outline when we make the finishing car. We need to use fine sandpaper or oil stone to quietly Polish it. So.
Especially when plating is required after high precision, it needs to be very careful, otherwise it is easy to cause waste products.
Because there are too many factors that can make the products have the shock lines, we can start with the following aspects of investigation, and according to the actual factory situation, detailed analysis. The usual rule for judging the occurrence of "tremor lines" is: the occurrence of cross lines, which appear to be spiral lines with relatively large spacing, is then analyzed from 10 aspects:
1. It is necessary to know whether the workpiece will have shock marks once it is processed or after it is refined twice.
2. Is the machine colliding with the machine? If the machine collides, Z-axis screw rod and spindle are easy to produce effects, which will lead to vibration lines.
3. See if the rotational speed of CNC machining center of machine tool belongs to a reasonable range. At the same time, try changing feed into feed in sequence. (Machining center speed leads to uneven feed speed, occasional acceleration and deceleration, machine tool servo unit and actuator if the accuracy is not high enough, it is easy to form ripple). Ordinary machine tool panel shows the speed reflected by the actual spindle encoder. The most direct way is to feed directly into the component. If the effect is improved, it means that the encoder defect or the converter defect.
4. Rigidity mismatch of drive in machining center system.
5. Fixed rigidity of workpiece itself or workpiece in machining center, such as some smaller and thinner parts, due to their lack of rigidity, or due to the shape of workpiece, they are not fully fixed by appropriate fixture.
6. The loosening of Z-axis screw support bearing and back cap can easily cause ripple.
7. If the arc of the tool tip is too large and the blade is too wide, it is easy to have transverse lines. If you change your hands to grind the tool directly, you can reduce the vibration, or the tool tip can grind the transition blade.
8. The external rigidity and dynamic balance are unbalanced relative to the mass of the rotating axle center, and the vibration striation is caused by the action of unbalanced centripetal force when rotating. Especially in high speed machining, the dynamic balance can not be guaranteed.
9. The selection of cutting parameters includes cutting speed, feed, feed and cooling mode.
10. The slideway of machine tool in machining center is loose.

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