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How to Complete a CNC High Precision Machine Tool
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How to deal with CNC high precision machining center after it is installed?
1. After the bed of a precise CNC machine tool is processed, it is necessary to wrap the oil cloth outdoors for several years to release the stress (now less is used, basically using manual aging, saving time and increasing efficiency).
2. The reason for this is to prevent the base from deforming again after the machine tool is assembled and leveled. At present, marble is generally used in the base of ultra-precision grinder and machine tool, because marble has better performance in eliminating vibration and smaller thermal deformation than steel structure. /M! 8 P0 B6 Z.A5_
3. Precision machine tools are generally assembled in a thermostat or a thermostat factory building. If it is a super-precision machine tool, the thermostat room should also accurately control the indoor temperature. Not only should it be warm in winter and cool in summer, but also it should take into account the rapid discharge of the heat generated by the machine tool in operation and processing, so as to minimize the thermal deformation as far as possible.
4. Parts processing, it is unreliable to say that the best machine tools are manually made. Niu Biao's master can make a 0-level precision flat surface, that is to say, the flatness tolerance of a flat surface about the size of a desk is controlled at 7 microns, roughly one percent of the hair's thickness fluctuates, but more precise plane, master. It's no better than a machine that's purchased with a huge amount of money.
5. The precision of ultra-precision CNC machine tools is very high. If you go to the machine tool exhibition, you will have some experience. When you see the laser cutting machine, you can stop in a millimeter if you see the track that he runs so fast that he can knock people to death. There is also a 0.5mm automatic pen core on the workpiece turntable and knife head. The speed of winding is so fast that you can't see it clearly... Modern machinery has really surpassed the teacher, which is not unacceptable, because it is not the machine that surpasses the man, but the man that refines the ability of the teacher that surpasses the teacher. 8 Z*c%U2[*4Y*M4 m]
/f $5 U, T6 CNC High Precision Machining Center Machining Precision _5 G
1. Actually, as a high-precision machining center, assuming that its processing accuracy is one-tenth of a millimeter, the error of the parts of the machine tool itself should be controlled at one-tenth of a millimeter. Finally, in the assembly process, the assembly workers debug and assemble the parts bit by bit; the process is very long and may be zero. Parts should be disassembled and assembled dozens of times, after testing, unqualified re-work, re-inspection, re-work until the final inspection is passed, then the next part installation; especially the installation of machine tool guideways, which is the most annoying, need a lot of testing tools, but after testing, problems can be solved after discovering. In fact, it is a shovel knife and red mud that slowly correct the error of the contact surface of the guide rail. D/ m (W3 S# n% I)
2. We also need to know that a CNC high-precision machining center machine tool is only relativity, parts processing error is one aspect, assembly error is another aspect; for example, if ordinary lathe parts to be processed to the accuracy of CNC lathe, it is not impossible, but an experienced technician is needed. And a long process of machine tool adjustment; but in terms of time and efficiency, the general car is far behind the numerical control machine tool.

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