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Daily Maintenance Notes of Carving Milling Machine
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1. Do not modify or delete the system parameter interface and data operator. If the machine is in trouble, the operator should not open the electrical control cabinet. Call our after-sales service department or ask your professional electrical engineer to open and inspect. Before inspection and maintenance, the main power must be turned off to confirm that the machine is not powered on.
2. The auxiliary worktable is milling regularly every 2 months, each time 0.05 mm, to ensure the smoothness of the worktable. The garbage in T-trench of the machine tool is cleaned up every day to prevent blockage and inability to move. The dust-proof cover of the machine tool is cleaned up every week, especially if the metal garbage is not cleaned for a long time, it is possible to scrape the dust-proof cover. It loses its dustproof function.
3. Machine tool guide rail screw lubrication pump regularly checks oil level, once below the set oil level, machine tool will alarm to stop processing, strictly forbid directly pulling out the power supply of oil pump to continue processing, spindle cooling box every year to check whether the antifreeze fluid is reduced, found that it is not enough to fill up in time, in summer, machine tool spindle overheating alarm machine tool stops working is a normal phenomenon. This can effectively prolong the life of the protection spindle, when the temperature is lower than the set temperature machine tool alarm automatic elimination can continue processing!
4. The four corner foot cups of the machine tool are checked every six months with movable wrenches to prevent the machine tool from being loosened due to uneven force, resulting in resonance in high-speed operation. After tightening, the fixed nuts are locked together!

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