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Application of Grinding Wheel in Precision Grinding Machine
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According to five elements of grinding wheel material:
1. abrasive:
Referring to raw materials, brown corundum (A) is used in unhardened steel or iron.
White corundum (WA) is used in hardened steel 40-55HRC.
Chromium Jade (PA) Used for Hardening 58-64HRC of High Carbon Steel
2. particle size:
Refers to the roughness of grinding wheels. Commonly used 46,
If the smoothness or groove forming angle is required to be maintained, the finer 65
3. degree of integration:
Grinding wheels are hard and soft, commonly used in "L" grade.
If the workpiece is too hard, consider the softer "K" J.
4. organization:
Pore size of chips removal, generally "5" grade.
If the workpiece is too hard or easy to plug, such as aluminium and copper, the air hole will be used separately.
5. binder:
The common "V" ceramic sintering method is suitable for surface water milling. The grinding wheel is rigid and can withstand the feed pressure to keep cutting.
Note: WA46L5V standard is commonly used, PA46L5V is used if it can not be ground.
The cheapest one is A46L5V, but it is limited to unhardened mild steel. It can also be used in hardened steel, but its effect is not obvious.
Above refers to more than 300 mm diameter, 180 diameter of its particle size is widely used, 60-12065507
The speed of the grinder has been determined according to the size of the grinding wheel, so only the outer diameter, thickness and aperture of the grinding wheel can be determined.
Supplementary Notes: The above is a brief introduction of the surface grinder. In fact, the surface grinder is divided into large water grinding and forming grinding.
For large water mills, the common size is 350 * 40 * 127. This size can only be used in 46 #, 60 # is too thin to use.
Large water milling is commonly used in parts processing or mould and embryo template grinding.
Another kind of forming grinding is precise, which is often used in stamping or moulding of electronic parts.
If it is necessary to subdivide it into small plane forming and grinding for precision forming of punch moulds,
It also needs to be strengthened to illustrate the professional field of diamond SDC and boron nitride CBN grinding wheels.

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